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Are you prepared for COP26?

It's easy.Green.TV is the world’s most experienced sustainability media company covering COP events. We have worked on COP events for the last 15 years and are perfectly positioned to help any company with their COP26 marketing and PR needs.

Sustainability runs through everything we do and is baked into our DNA, and for over a decade we have advised and implemented campaigns for clients on various sustainability and environmental issues.


In the build up to COP26 we can look to create storytelling campaigns that will help raise awareness for your brand. We can also advise on how to position yourself within the market and align your brand offering. Our COP26 Marketing campaigns will ensure that when you arrive at the event the general public will be aware of your brand.

During the Event

During the event in Glasgow, we will have a dedicated communications, TV, video and social media studio. Meaning we will be able to offer broadcast, online video, PR and social media support to many of the world’s most significant organisations, looking to communicate their decarbonisation strategies.

Stories will go out via our sustainability journalist database and Green.TV’s own channels, numbering 1/2 million people on social media. We’ll have a dedicated team of journalists, TV and video crews, on the ground, covering stories for our clients.


In the weeks and months following the event we will help you create campaigns that will keep your messaging in the public eye - we’re here to keep the momentum going and building.

If you’d like to discuss how Green.TV can support your storytelling, broadcast and online distribution, using our COP26 Marketing and PR skills email:

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