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Supports the most recent file formats of major CAD software, including PDF and Markup.Makes it easier to import comments or annotations from printed drawings.Makes it easier to interact with drawings that have been printed or displayed on a different device.Adds support for annotations.Enhanced Architecture Import:Tighten and correct your design based on the tolerances specified for the parts. For example, use architectural tolerances to construct a consistent, accurate, and professional-looking architectural layout. (video: 1:07 min.)Design templates:Increase your productivity by eliminating the need to recreate design details from scratch. Create a template from a 2D drawing, and automatically populate the drawing with the same details used in the template. (video: 1:06 min.)Exchange:Create an external specification file that links to both the exchangeable drawing file and all the attachments.Link to all necessary drawing files in one document, making it easier to synchronize them.Attachments and Exports:Seamlessly work on a drawing while you are sending it to others. Add an embedded preview of your drawing in the message.Increase the number of recipients of a drawing by including the view for each additional recipient.Add a preview to the document without having to save it first.Share drawings by cutting and pasting.Synchronize with 3D model data to enhance existing model and assembly views.Extended CAD toolsGeometry and dimensioning:Extend and simplify the functionality of the Dimensioning toolbar.Nudge a point, arc, line, or freehand curve to specific dimensions.Design workflows:Choose a representative object and animate it from a static to an animated view.Create an animated movie with your drawing in a snap.Add and sync path data to your drawing or assembly with no additional drawing steps.Review your notes and annotations directly in the 3D view.Find the notes you’ve marked by pressing Shift+F2 and selecting the number of the annotation.3D Modeling:Add and edit 3D parts, solids, and surfaces, then add them to your existing drawings.Replace any existing 3D model with the new 3D model.Copy and paste 3D models, and save them to the 2be273e24d


AutoCAD PC/Windows

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