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How To Gervonta Davis Vs Romero Live Free Online 25 May 2022@ 2 am UK Time On Fite. boxing’s hottestmagnet, and unbeatenNo. 1- rankedcontender and obligatoryrival Rolando Romero wentface to face and casket- to- casket at a hot- tempered pressconference on Thursday to exercise their unpredictabletourney for Gervonta Davis Vs Romero Lightweight Title takingplace Saturday, May 28 on SHOWTIME PPV from Barclays Center in Brooklyn headlining a Premier Boxing Gervonta Davis Vs Romero Live

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During the conventionalregard- down, the fightersdidfurther than look at each other, signaling their hands in the other’s face and showcasing the fierycontest that should make their fightsoamusing. A three- divisionworldchampion, Davis returns to Barclays Center where he delivered a star- makingperformance in 2017 as he excited the Brooklyn crowd by stopping Jose Pedraza to capture his firstworldtitle.

Tickets for the liveevent, which is promoted by Mayweather Elevations, GTD Elevations and TGB Elevations, are on tradenow and can bebought Tickets are alsoavailable for purchase at the American Express Box Office at Barclays Center.

Then's what the Gervonta Davis Vs Romero Live to say Thursday from Barclays Center in Brooklyn

“ We ’re ready and we ’ve been in camp. This is n’t our Gervonta Davis Vs Romero for ‘ Rolly ’. We saw how he choked up when the lights are in his face. We ’ll see how he reacts when everyone is cheering against him on Gervonta Davis Vs Romero Live

“ Some people are made to do it, and some people justtalk their way through it. We know what we ’re comingthen to do on May 28.

“ We ’ll see what this joe brings on fightnight, under the brightlights. I had to walk through the door when it wastime and come the man. Comefightnight, it’s time to step up to that plate.

“ This is n’t going to be an easywalk. Like my trainersaid, it’s about respect. I ’m a man and he’s a man. We've our differences. We ’ll see who’s the lastmanstandingcomefightnight.

“ I won my firsttitlethen and I ’m thankful to beback at Barclays Center. I justwant to be the stylish that I can be. It’s time for me to show that I ’m the man in this sport. I believe that I ’m the face of the featherlightdivision and I justwant to live up to that. My thing is to goout there and be better than I washistory.

“ He’s justfussing about power, he’s not working on anything differently. They ’re onlyplan is to knock me out. I hit him with one of these and I ’m going to knock his wholenose off. They justkeeptalking about knockouts and trying to get me out of there beforehand, because they know he ca n’t last down the line. ”

“ I suppose ‘ Tank ’ is an amazingfighter, but this is going to be the easiestfight of my career. It’s going to say a lot about my heritage when I knock him out. ’ Tank ’ gets punched a lot. I suppose he’s going to runright into commoditybig.

“ I ’ve alwaysbeenundervalued. May 28, you ’re going to see my ring Command on display. He’s the stylishfighter at 135 pounds and he ’d be the stylish if he were at 130 pounds. It does n’t matter to me however. I know what I ’m able of.

“ I ’m formerly a starelse I would n’t be in this positionrightnow. I ’m one of the manyfighters to get to caption a pay- per- view 14 fights into my career.

“ Everybody is undervaluing me. I started boxing at 17 and I got my first belt seven times in. I ’ve goneby there and beat up everybody. ‘ Tank ’ is gettingknocked out and that’s that.

“ Gervonta keeps talking about these chops he has, but I justsee his facegetting swollen up after every fight he has. He just bullies loweropponents. He’s not that special. We ’re ending his littlereign and he can goretire.

“ I wassupposed to spend my birthday out then in New York anyway, so I ’m agitated to befightingthen in Brooklyn. This is a heritagefight for me and I ’m agitated to besuitable to have it at Barclays Center.

“ Gervonta Davis is ending up on the oilknocked out. That’s what I can guarantee. ”

CALVIN FORD, Davis ’ Coach

“ This is a bigmoment because this is where it all started for us. This fight is about untreatedbusiness. This is our alternatetime at this mark

“ I do n’t have to worry about ‘ Tank ’. I want everyone to tune in or come down to the Barclays Center. Baltimore, New York, show up. Because you ’re about to seecommodity.

“ These two guys havebeengoing at it for times. It’s not about the ‘ 0 ’ this time, it’s about respect. I see ‘ Rolly ’ changed his look this time. It’s deep freezeout there however. You morebeready. Because ‘ Tank ’ is back. ”

How To Gervonta Davis Vs Romero Live Free

“ As far as camp is concerned, ‘ Rolly ’ is telephoned in and ready to go. We ’ve had a greatcamp. Skill-wise and strength andconditioning-wise, his mindset is the stylish it’s everbeen. I suppose we ’re in for one of those record- breakingperformances.

“ Like they saythen in Brooklyn, we ’re the newkiddies on the block, but we ’re not new to fighting. Notoriety’s ‘ 0 ’ has got to go. This is a fight that’s ending in a knockout, there

“ Importantrespect to the Davis camp. They ’ve put their work in and done their time, but we ’re justthen to ail that train. That’s exactly what we ’re going to do. ”

LEONARD ELLERBE, CEO of Mayweather Elevations

“ When you look at these two fighters, both of them are tremendous punchers. But what I suppose it’s going to come down to is who can take whose shot. Because in boxing, as we know, anything can be.

“ Being in boxing for over 25 times at the loftiestposition, I ’ve seen it all. When I look at how this fight will play out, ‘ Rolly ’ is a bigsacrifice and ‘ Tank ’ is the favorite for a reason. ‘ Tank ’ has shown that rightnow he’s one of the stylishfighters in the entireworld. In my mind, I know this is a veritablydangerousfight for him. I use Floyd Mayweather as an illustration. Coming through the species, I ’ve seen him gethit with bigshots. Whether it be Victoriano Sosa, DeMarcus Corley, Shane Mosley, or Marcos Maidana, Floyd wassuitable to show you that he'd a Hall of Fame chin. Come May 28, when those two get in there and go to war, we ’re going to find out who has the better chin.

“ We know that when it comes to chops, there’s no mistrustfulness that ‘ Tank ’ Davis has the stylishchops in the entiresport. We ’re going to find out come May 28 if ‘ Rolly ’ hits him on the button, does ‘ Tank ’ have a strong chin or not? Also on May 28, Rolly has nowaybeenhit by a tank ahead. How is he going to respond? Will he besuitable to take it? Tune in May 28. I guarantee you this fight is going to end in a knockout. ”


“ It’s a cold and stormyday in Brooklyn, but May 28 is going to be a hotnight at Barclays Center. The eyes of the boxing world will formerlyagainbeconcentrated on this arena, and BROOKLYN BOXING is ready for another bignight of fights.

In 2012 Barclays Center brought boxing back to Brooklyn for the firsttime since 1931. We ’re lookingforward to erecting on this program’s heritage for hosting majorfights with the WBA World Lightweight title on the line.

This will be Gervonta’s third fight at Barclays Center after he won his first and alternatetitles at Barclays Center in 2017 and 2019. Drink back to Brooklyn Gervonta. I know that I can speak for the suckers in the toughest of New York’s megalopolises when I say that we ’re lookingforward to having you captionthen for the firsttime.

“ To ‘ Rolly ’ I suppose you ’re going to find that there’s a specialenergy fighting then and we ’re agitated to see it in the ring.

“ The cooperation that we've erected with Premier Boxing Titleholders has beennecessary in furnishing a greatplatform for this sport. Barclays Center has had over 20 fightnights on SHOWTIME and we ’re extensivelyproud to have your platform showcase our venue to the world. I hope to see everyone on May 28 for another bignight of boxing. ”

Gervonta Davis vs Rolando Romero Fight Card

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Gervonta Davis vs Rolando Romero Fight Details

Gervonta Davis Vs Romero Live Free all set to take it over Rolando Romero in the upcoming fight. The fight is set to roll out on May 28, 2022.

  • Match: Gervonta Davis vs Rolando Romero

  • Date: May 28, 2022

  • Time: 09:00 PM (ET), 02:00 AM (GMT)

  • Main Event Ringwalks: 11:15 PM (ET), 04:15 AM (GMT)

  • Venue: Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York

[TV program] Gervonta Davis Vs Romero Live Free Online 25 May 2022

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