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Every Nintendo console has its Pokémon games, and the Switch is no exception. Currently the only mainline title on the platform, Pokemon Sword and Shield is the best way to play the classic experience of raising a starter, fighting a team of comical baddies, and catching them all.

The gift card funds will be added to your account. Now when a game catches your eye, all you need to do is select a game and complete the purchase.

Who doesn't love Kirby? You and up to three others can enjoy running through this platformer. Mix and match powers, and even the youngest can have fun controlling allies without worrying about losing lives.

Multiplayer: Nintendo Switch Online is required to access online multiplayer on the majority of titles. Some free-to-play multiplayer games, such as Fortnite Battle Royale and Warframe, are exempt from this requirement and can be played online freely without a subscription.

Guardian Australia staff – and their children! – recommend games they’ve turned to for joy, diversion and much-needed escapism

So the next best thing is to purchase gift cards that they can add to their Nintendo accounts.

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This one is an out-of-left-field sequel to the wild serial-murder-thriller-mystery game Deadly Premonition from 2010. It was batshit but undoubtedly still has a cult following, and the team on the sequel is made up of the original creator and some original team members. If you're interested and can't wait, the first title was remastered and re-released on Switch, which is available right now if you need some serial drama in your life. —C.S.

At first, Black Book feels familiar. Its card-based battle system borrows from the explosion of deckbuilding roguelikes, most obviously Slay the Spire. The way the game structures itself around gaining new cards and expanding potential strategies will be familiar to anyone who has played games like this before. However, rather than using a slight narrative framing to hold up a number crunching strategy game, Black Book’s combat feels like the metaphor of a JRPG. It is a system that deepens its themes of people living in a dying ancient myth. Black Book is interested in a world beyond the material, beyond its mathematical parts. Even as it uses math to represent the ephemeral, it tries to ground the numbers in the mythical.—Grace Benfell

It's a game about imposter syndrome, mental health, and the struggles of being a creative, told with a grounded perspective blended with genuine hope and empathy, all of which is supported elegantly by its intense boss battles. It's art about art, and beautiful indeed.

Obviously the game that made the NES is going to be a part of the Switch’s retro library. Super Mario Bros. is one of the 10 or so most important, most influential, and most copied games of all time, with the topography of World 1-1 imprinted on the minds of countless game fans. It’s part of the basic language of gaming, and it’s always ready to be picked up again through Nintendo Switch Online.

Card balances cannot be redeemed for cash or for third-party stored value, and are non-refundable unless required by law.

Your Nintendo eshop gift card will be listed in front of the thousands of buyers participating in the marketplace. To sell Nintendo eshop gift cards quickly, set the price between 2% and 15% off the original amount. Depending on the popularity of your Nintendo eshop gift cards, you may need to adjust the asking price to attract buyers.

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Many games on this list are somehow still on my backlog of games I have yet to grab for the Switch. It's almost 2020 and I still haven't even played Xenoblade yet!

The newest update for the Nintendo Switch allows players to put their games into folders, something that they have wanted since the console first came out. In the past, players would have a harder time finding the game they wanted to play as they downloaded more of them over time. They could only sort the games based on the one they played last, how long they played them, alphabetically, or by the games' publishers.

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Round-ups of classic board games in a video game isn’t the most uncommon thing in the world. However, Clubhouse Games does it all really well. Bringing 51 classic games in one package, Clubhouse Games makes it easy to start up a game with family without having to try and find and set up the physical board themselves. These Switch family games can be played locally in handheld mode with the touch screen, or in docked mode with controllers. Best of all, if another person owns the collection, you can quickly and easily hook up for online multiplayer!

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Conquer with character in the next evolution of Battle Royale

Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope is the second in Ubisoft's brilliant crossover with Nintendo's IP. The original heroes are back - along with some new faces including the titular Sparks and Rabbid Rosalina - but this time they're facing a galactic-level peril in the form of new villain Cursa. The game will move beyond the Mushroom Kingdom to include the wider Mario + Rabbids universe, and is opening up each of those worlds for free exploration. The same can be said of battle too, with the game removing the grid system to let you freely control each of the three heroes in play. There are still similar turn-based, tactical rules to follow, but should allow for more creativity taking on foes.

Valorant Episode 4 Act 2 Battle Pass is LIVE with a fresh lineup of skins. The Striker, Lycan's Bane, and Divine Swine Skin Lines will be coming to Valorant's latest battlepass.

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Some great titles, with a couple randoms that I hadn't even heard of. No CTR?

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order's general premise will be familiar to anyone who has followed the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thanos is on the prowl for the six Infinity Stones, and it's your job to stop him. Best played alongside other players, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is essentially a button masher, but each of the dozens of playable characters have their own unique moves and plenty of stylistic flair. In a sense, Ultimate Alliance 3 feels closer to a game that would have released a generation or two ago, but it still offers tons of excitement. Critically, co-op can be played with up to four players and the approachable combat system means that kids of all ages can play as their favorite hero and take down baddies.

The best Nintendo Switch games you can buy right now.

Garrett Martin edits Paste’s games and comedy sections. He’s on Twitter @grmartin.

Mario’s had years to shine in the spotlight. It’s time for Luigi to take center stage in a new adventure, and this fun little journey through a haunted hotel is better than it has any right to be. The first Luigi’s Mansion entry on the Nintendo Switch is a hilarious, spooky adventure for the taller Mario brother. Luigi has to venture into a haunted high-rise hotel and clear each level of ghosts he finds there with a special vacuum of sorts: the Poltergust. It’s not terribly different from previous Luigi’s Mansion excursions — save for the odd “Gooigi” companion that can assist you and Luigi throughout your time in the haunted hotel — but it’ll definitely put a smile on your face.

The original Pokemon Snap was one of the absolute coolest and most creative Pokemon spin-offs. Why battle Pokemon when you can non-violently take pictures of them instead? New Pokemon Snap beefs up the formula with new monsters, new locales, and beautiful new HD visuals. In handheld mode, your Switch literally becomes your camera.

YouTube (Discontinued on 3DS as of September 3, 2019)

Step 3) Now, you're able to exchange your coins for rewards such as Bitcoin, PayPal cash, and gift cards.

^ "Nintendo shutting down Wii U TVii service in August". Polygon. Vox Media. Retrieved July 25, 2015.

Stardew Valley is the perfect example of why the Nintendo Switch is a game-changing device.

A tactics game concerned with the world's dinkiest invasion, Into the Breach is a study in economy. From the game's tiny play areas and short match times to the sparse animation and simple rules that govern a unit, everything here is bright and glinting and wonderfully fit for purpose.

With these new levels in classic style and new characters made for younger players, it's sure to appease experienced and new players alike. There's even a hints gallery and reference videos to help players out when they're first beginning to play. It's perfect for everyone.

Make sure your Nintendo Switch system has the latest system update.

MOBAs – multiplayer online battle arenas – are the big thing in esports right now. They're super-fast real-time strategy games where you need to combine tactical thinking and lightning reactions as you direct your team of heroes in a pitched online battle, and if that's a prospect that doesn't scare you off then you'll have a fine old time with Arena of Valor. There's a decent choice of game modes to jump into, including 5v5, 3v3, 1v1 and Hook Wars, and thanks to its relatively straightforward control scheme it's fairly easy to get the hang of.

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How's this for a pitch: the Mario Kart team does for fighting games what it once did for driving games in a ludicrously colourful, energetic and original Switch exclusive. Yet despite delivering so well on that promise, Arms has never found the audience it deserves. For shame, though that shouldn't stop you picking up what remains one of the highlights of the Switch's line-up.

We struggle to recall a dystopia quite as cheerful as the one found in Pikuniku. It’s a short game, but one packed with heart and imagination, with a great single-player component and excellent couch co-op that can genuinely be enjoyed by anyone. It makes us remember the fun we had cutting pieces from our friends in Snipperclips, but where we occasionally hit a brick wall with that game, Pikuniku sidesteps frustration in favour of a breezy and charming adventure; a perfect salve if you need a break from the backlog, but don’t dive in expecting endless hours of gameplay.

What is it? If you mix Super Mario with XCOM you basically get Mario + Rabbids, a strange strategy hybrid with tons of charm.

Fortnite - Catwoman's Grappling Claw Pickaxe (DLC) Epic Games Key GLOBAL

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It steps outside the Mushroom Kingdom to introduce dozens of new locales like beaches with water made of soda and 2D areas where 3D Mario flattens out for some retro platforming and does this all to great effect. It's still very much the Mario you know and love but tweaked to perfection.

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The card balance may only be used on a single Nintendo eShop account.

Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 (PS4), PlayStation 5 (PS5), PC: Windows

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If you’re a fan of pro sports games, the even bigger news is that MLB: The Show 22, the next entry in the annual baseball series, will be launching on the Switch on April 5. This is the first time an MLB: The Show game has come out on a Nintendo platform, and it will feature a cross-console progression that seems crucial to its success: If you have a game or team playing on another console, such as your Xbox at home, you can pick it up on the Switch right where you left off, even if you’re traveling. Since MLB: The Show 22 will also launch on Xbox Game Pass on day one, you’ll be able to take advantage of this cross-platform function easily if you own both consoles.

When you enter the card's activation code on the Nintendo eShop or other Nintendo shopping service, the card balance will be associated with your Nintendo eShop account and will be non-transferable. There will be no remaining balance on the card.

When you enter the card's activation code on the Nintendo eShop or other Nintendo shopping service, the card balance will be associated with your Nintendo eShop account and will be non-transferable. There will be no remaining balance on the card.

Here’s Nintendo’s official patch notes for the groups announcement:

Nintendo is one of the most prominent video game companies in the world, widely known for its Nintendo Switch games and other Nintendo services such as Nintendo eShop and Nintendo Switch Online. Nintendo games gallery holds the games that are original and uniquely developed for the console, as well as those that are just released for greater accessibility. Whenever you buy Nintendo Switch games, gift cards, membership, one thing is always clear – quality and entertainment will be guaranteed.

To change the region on your console, select “Settings” from the main menu.

One of Nintendo's newer properties, Splatoon 2 answers a question everyone was asking: What if humanoid squid kids could play paintball? In this multiplayer shooter, you’ll use a number of unique paint weapons (like paint sniper rifles and giant rollers) to color the map and take out enemies. The winning team is the one that paints the largest portion of the map. Even if you’re not usually into shooters, this is like nothing you’ve ever played before.

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